A Couple of Python Tools for Tornado or AMQP Users

Hi all,

Not lots of time to blog since starting my new gig as Senior Operations Developer at MyYearbook.com (which is pretty awesome, btw), but wanted to let anyone who’s interested know about a couple of tools I’ve released on github:

bunny is a CLI tool for doing quick tests and simple operations on an AMQP server (I use RabbitMQ for testing, but it should work with any AMQP server). It’ll do your basic create/delete of exchanges, queues, and bindings. It’s only capable of doing things that are part of AMQP, and I still need to finish the feature that tests functionality via a ’round trip’ test, where it sends a message, then gets it, then sends the body to stdout. If you find time before me to finish that, send a pull request or patch.

curtain is a mixin for use with the Tornado web server that provides HTTP Digest Authentication. I actually started with this recipe and altered/updated it in various ways. It’s still not complete according to RFC 2617 — I need to code for a few edge cases like getting a stale nonce, but what’s there does work, so if you (like me) were wondering what the performance comparison would look like between tornado doing digest auth and having a front-end proxy do it, have at it 🙂