Training Patterns

So, I’ve been talking to some friends about training. I work with several firms in various aspects of training. Usually I’m actually delivering training, but in some cases I’m just helping to produce the training content, and occasionally I actually help build a full-fledged internal training regimen. I love doing this work, because it lets me draw upon my work experiences going all the way back to age 14!

No, seriously. Most jobs have some form of training, and even if that training results in you doing some relatively menial job like being a waiter or a shipping clerk, it’s still training, and at a high level, the idea behind that training isn’t much different from the technology training I deliver for my clients. I have also gotten some fantastic ideas about how training can be implemented by remembering the training I received, or talking to friends who worked with me, or who worked at other jobs at the time which I assume had some form of training.

There are a couple of interesting patterns that pop up a lot in training that I have not seen implemented in IT shops that I think could work fantastically well. At some point, I’ll write about them (is that a book idea? Would you read it? Let me know), but for now, I actually want to hear from YOU!

Have you ever received training so good that you felt as qualified as the trainer himself to do the job at hand? Do you remember a training experience that had you seeing light bulbs seemingly every five minutes? Is there training you received that was so good that you still remember it over 20 years (or $long_time) later? I’d really like to hear about it. If you don’t want to put it in the comments, please send it to me via email at bkjones at gmail dot com.

  • Colin MacMillan

    I’ve only had one job that did a formal training and it was absolutely mind numbing. Maybe b/c i wasn’t that into the job…

    Do your comments post publicly? In the job I am in now, i’m the number 2 guy and basically invented the workflow. There are Tons of things to learn and employee turnover is very high. Seeing some of your other reader’s comments would help me out lots.

  • Paddy3118

    Sure, glad to oblige. I have received a few training courses from Doulos on technical subjects that I found very worthwhile. They start by having an instructor who knows what they are teaching, but who also will go out of their way to find answers to relevant questions that they don’t have an immediaate answer to.
    Doulos’s course materials are very good. A large A4 ringbinder WITH CONTENTS AND INDEX written in a style that I can, and do, reference years later. They do pocket reference guides that are wonderful – the essence of VHDL or Verilog in a small ring-bound paperback book.

    After completing their courses our engineers have gone on to complete projects.

    I am not affiliated with Doulos, just trained in some subjects by them 🙂

    – Donald ‘Paddy’ McCarthy.