Two extremely handy geek URLs

I know, I know. I haven’t been posting nearly enough. But I did come across two URLs that are too handy not to pass on:

  1. Command-line-fu: this is a repository of handy one-liners submitted by pretty much anyone. You can log in with OpenID or register on the site itself. I expect this, or something like it, will become a great resource. You can browse the sweet one-liner goodness, or “grep the archive”. Nice.
  2. Down for Everyone or Just me? is a site that’s handy to know about if you’re, say, holed up in a hotel room, forgot to set up port forwarding on your FIOS router, and so don’t have a remote shell to test from, and you can’t reach a site. Pop the url into this site, and it’ll test access for you. Of course, it’s limited — it’ll change url’s with “:22” to “%3A22”, so you’re not going to get it to be a generic service tester, but still… handy!