Where Can I Go That Isn’t Twitter?

In the few years since Twitter’s launch, they have shrunk the number of ways you can interact with it, shrunk the number of hours in the day when you can reliably get or send messages through it, and, now, shrunk the number of useful web-based services by two, with the announcement that stikkit and I Want Sandy will be shutting down, as a result of their purchase of Values of N, creators of the two sites.

I only just started trying to use twitter again in the past week or so, and my desktop client has recorded at least 3 or 4 outages in the past week. Between that, and now this news, I think I’m just going to give up. What are they planning to do — add Sandy-like features to twitter? Why? To attract more users, insuring that their availability will sink to zero-nines? Blech.

  • http://www.hollenback.net Phil Hollenback

    Well the alternative apparently isn’t Pownce as I just received a notification that it is being shut down too. I am also concerned that twitter is the dominant force in a very shaky and immature space. How could twitter possibly make any money? What happens if it goes away? Lots of scary questions out there.