To PyWorks Speakers and Attendees

I’ve gotten several emails over the past couple of days about meeting up at PyWorks. This is reasonable, since I was the main engine initiating contact with prospective speakers back in the June-August timeframe. However, much to my disappointment, I won’t be attending PyWorks this year.

The story is basically that, in September, the startup I was working for was bought out, and I was thrust into managing projects to migrate the various components of our infrastructure to their new home with the new company. I was also executing a good number of migration tasks myself. This is not to mention the meetings and phone calls and long email threads, all while still maintaining the production site on a day-to-day basis, which is no small challenge.

Life just became a little nightmarish there for a while, and for the good of the conference and my sanity, I told Marco (Tabini, of MTA, who runs the conference, and Python Magazine, and php|architect… the list goes on) to turn over the conference organizer responsibilities to someone who could commit themselves fully to the tasks at hand.

So, I won’t be there. I’m not happy about it, but in the end it was better to turn over the conference than to destroy it altogether.

I’ll see you next year, and I guess there’s still a small chance I’ll make it to PyCon. I expect things to be settled before then.