PyWorks Conference Schedule Posted

Hi all,

The schedule for PyWorks has been posted! I’m really excited about three things:

1) there are some really cool talks that I’m looking forward to attending. There are a couple of sysadmin-related talks, AppEngine, TurboGears, Django, and an area I’ve been especially slow to move into: testing (I know, shame on me). There’s lots more so be sure to check it out.

2) the conference scheduling process is over 😉

3) I get to meet a lot of people face-to-face that I’ve worked with in the past on Python Magazine developing articles, or interacted with on IRC, etc. One thing I like about conferences surrounding open source technologies is you get to thank people face-to-face for the sweat they poured into some of the tools I use regularly. Mark Ramm, Kevin Dangoor, Michael Foord, Brandon Rhodes, and a collection of Python Magazine authors will be speaking there, and other Python Magazine folks and generally familiar faces will be in attendance.


For those still unaware, PyWorks will be held in Atlanta, Nov. 12-14, 2008. It’s sponsored by MTA, the publisher of Python Magazine, as well as php|architect. In fact, the php|works conference will be held simultaneously with PyWorks, and attendees of one are free to access talks in the other at will. There will also be a “center track” that will cover some more generic topics of interest to developers without regard to the language in use. Check it out!