OSCON Update: Coverage gets harder as conference moves faster

As expected, the conference really started to deliver starting Wednesday with the opening of the Exhibit Hall, announcements of all kinds from all companies, and parties at every turn. Wednesday also marks the first day of sessions that are only 45 minutes long instead of the 3-hour sessions on Monday and Tuesday. I’ve attended too many talks, and have been moving too quickly to cover it all “on the fly” as I had been doing earlier, but look for a new BoF board picture today, and very heavy wrapup coverage on Saturday night when I get back home to the east coast.

I attended talks about Python, Ubuntu, PHP, Virtualization, Memcached, and a great scalability talk given by a Facebook engineer. Most of the talks I attended were wonderful. Thanks to the presenters!

One thing I will say now as well — I was right again about how to pack. Yesterday alone I collected 5 t-shirts, in addition to a nice pair of MySQL boxer shorts!


  • Goofy

    “…, in addition to a nice pair of MySQL boxer shorts!”

    Nice one! 😎