OSCON Day 1 Comes to a Close

I think I have pictures of most of the basic parts of the conference at my OSCON Flickr set, and I thoroughly enjoyed day 1 of the conference. Of course, while *day* 1 is over, *night* 1 has yet to even begin. There are lots of BoF sessions, and maybe even more smaller meetups going on, as smaller groups take to discussing things over dinner and a beer or three.

I have to say, that I occasionally pop into irc channels for conferences I’m not even at and follow up on that because I’m involved a bit in conference planning as part of my work with Python Magazine (I’m helping to organize the PyWorks conference in November). This conference seems to have a pretty happy audience, if IRC chatter is any indication (and it usually is). Sure, there are a couple of weak spots in the wireless network, there are some fuzzy projectors, and there was a little confusion regarding breakfast this morning, but the important bits have been well-covered by the OSCON organizers and the “boots on the ground” here on site. Kudos to them all.

This afternoon I hopped to a couple of different talks: one on Memcached and MySQL, and the other on A/B testing. Both contained good content. Of course, I’m a systems guy primarily, so I sort of wanted more of an overview of memcached from the point of view of an admin who is deploying it rather than a developer implementing their code around it. I still got plenty of value out of that talk, and this *is* really more of an open source *developer’s* conference, so the expectations of 99% of the people in the room were met, I’m sure.

A/B testing is just not an exciting topic, and I would imagine that peoples’ bosses made them go to that talk whether they liked it or not. Not to say the talk wasn’t good – the parts I saw (I came in after the break) were good, and I learned from it, and that was the goal. If you’re a QA/QC person, I’m sure the talk was riveting, and there were a lot of good ideas and things I’d never considered flying by in the slides.

Overall, Day 1 is a win. I’ll cover more about this evening’s events in the pre-breakfast hours tomorrow. Stay tuned!