Day 1 of OSCON Begins, and More Tips for Conference-goers

I got an early start. Too early. But I’m from the west coast, so my body thinks I slept in. I wandered around a bit, took a few pics which you can see at my Flickr OSCON set, and I discovered a couple of things that might be of interest:

  • The starbucks in the conference center charges over $2 for a small cup of joe. There’s a starbucks right across the street (you can see it from the breakfast area – seriously, it’s 5 seconds away), and they charge less than $2 for a medium (grande). That’s less than I pay at home.
  • The ATM outside the starbucks charges $3 for cash. I’ll report back when I find a cheaper one, but most places seem to take plastic here.
  • Every computer involved in this conference, from registration to the video screens that dot the common areas, are running Windows XP. Just sayin’.
  • The light rail system is free to go just about anywhere except for the airport, so there’s no excuse not to get out and see Portland and take in the food and beer and stuff.
  • For beer-lovers, not only is there the Oregon Brewers Festival starting at the tail end of this conference, but there’s apparently another festival that we missed *last* weekend!! Keep that in mind when you’re planning to come to OSCON next year.