PyWorks 2008, November 12-14, Call for Papers Open!

Yes, the same folks who bring you Python Magazine and php|architect magazine (and several other things, like online training, a full line of books, and more conferences), are hosting our first ever Python conference! You can see more about it, and the Call for Papers, at the conference site.

The hotel which once hosted php|works in Atlanta is actually large enough to host both php|works *and* PyWorks in the same venue, so this year the two conferences will be held at the same time, and the plan/hope is to be able to have talks that are generic enough to be of use to either audience, like talks about scaling MySQL, or SVN management, or Hadoop, or Amazon Web Services, or something like that. In any case, the attendees of either conference will be allowed to cross over to attend talks at the other if they so choose, which I think is pretty cool. Maybe we can add more languages in future years and just have it be called “LANG ’08” or something. See the PyWorks Call for Papers if you have ideas!

I’m really excited to get down to Atlanta and meet the guys I’ve interacted with down there from the Python community, including Doug Hellmann, whom I’ve worked pretty closely with over the past several months. There’s also a thriving Python community in that area, I hear. Looking forward to it!

  • Jesse Noller

    The url is fail 🙁

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    Wanna clarify a bit? There are like 6-8 url’s in there. I just clicked every one of them, and they work. Which one isn’t working for you?