High Performance MySQL on Safari!

All right! In the past, some books seem to be delayed in getting into O’Reilly’s Safari site, but on the day that Baron announces the book’s arrival, I find that I’m able to access it in Safari right now! Sweet!

  • http://blog.onefreevoice.com Gregory Haase

    That’s great.

    I pre-ordered my copy at Amazon months ago and just got notice that it won’t ship until some time between 7/3 and 7/10.

  • http://blog.onefreevoice.com Gregory Haase

    That was interesting… I just got another email from Amazon saying my order was shipped and that I’ll receive it on 7/3. I still can’t believe it will take UPS 2 weeks to send a book that size. I wonder what the heck is going on.

  • http://www.xaprb.com/ Baron

    … and what do you think of the book so far?

    Too bad I can’t subscribe to comments via email 🙁

  • m0j0

    Sorry, Baron — I’ve already identified the plugin that’s required to enable that feature, and it’ll be done by the end of the weekend.

    So far I think the book is great. I suspect that there are one or two things missing that I actually need, because in “reading as a reference”, my methods didn’t turn anything up, but it’s *way* to early in my review to say for sure. I’ll look again tonight or tomorrow and sometime this week I’ll very likely do a full review (I’m about to be on vacation, giving me lots of reading time).

  • http://blog.onefreevoice.com Gregory Haase

    Well, despite the confusing amazon information, my physical copy landed on my doorstep yesterday.

    Perhaps one driver for getting it up on safari immediately is the very last page in the book, which advertises to try the online version of the book free on Safari for 45 days. I could only imagine the negative feelings that would be generated if people got the book and signed up for the free trial before it was even online.

    What do I think of the book? It’s a little early to tell. I skimmed the whole thing as soon as I opened the box… just basically flipped through all the pages while standing at the kitchen counter – reading all the headings and subheadings and making mental notes of what will be important. I finished the first chapter and most of the second, and I think that concepts are well described and easily understood. I may have a bias here though, as these are concepts that are already familiar to me.

    I also read a significant portion of Chapter 8 – Replication today while trying to plan for potential issues at work. I like the fact that Baron describes the real and sometimes difficult task of changing masters and locating desired log positions. There are no punches pulled here and it’s very refreshing. It seems that too many times I read about “automatic slave to master promotion” or some such and when you get down to the meat of the article or blog post you realize you’re reading some hypothetical based on non-existent functionality.

    Anyway – looking forward to the rest of the book.