For anyone flying to a conference – flyer beware

I’m going to OSCON in July, and I know that just about everyone I know who is a participant in this crazy life we call IT (or web 2.0, or whatever it’s called now), is flying to a conference or something in 2008. I’m starting to notice more and more posts like this one, so if you can avoid it, don’t put anything in a checked bag that you can’t afford to lose, and avoid US Airways, and pass it on, because when you see the list of things they don’t cover in their lost baggage policy, you’ll suddenly feel like you’re lucky to still have anything you ever checked with your bags.

  • Brian Moon

    I only put clothes and toiletries in my checked bags. Maybe some sinus meds. I can buy new clothes and toiletries. I never check my electronics.

  • Giuseppe Maxia

    U.S. Airways? No, thanks, for some more reasons.


  • Steve

    I know it’s not possible for everyone, but this is the reason I don’t check my luggage, ever. My favorite solution to this (although it requires a little extra time at the airport; oh, and it’s not one I’ve tried personally) is the starter pistol: you take a starter pistol along, which qualifies as a firearm (and no registration is needed to own one), and the TSA adds extra security to your bag (tracking, etc), because they don’t want to lose a weapon. Nice, although sad that such measures are necessary.