MySQL Data Sharding Toolkit in Python

This rocks. It’s not complete, but Pyshards is the closest thing I’ve seen to a real attempt at making a more or less generic sharding toolkit, written in Python. This is not just great because it’s written in Python or because it helps people who need sharding capabilities in MySQL. It’s great because having a toolkit to use for this benefits the community by creating a point of reference for how to get things done, and can help unite those who are treading into this territory and help them all get a leg up on this beast that is “sharding”.

I, for one, have found ways (so far) to avoid having to do this. It’s a good bit of complexity for data that would otherwise be very simple, and an infrastructure architecture that would otherwise also be simple (by design). But one of the things that makes sharding seem complex is that there aren’t any standardized tools to aid the admin in setting up, and (worse) maintaining/rebalancing shards.

  • Justin Swanhart

    Don’t forget HiveDB (