Funny what you learn about yourself when you buy an iPhone

Not ripping off xkcd - this is seriously the best graphic I\'ve ever generated.

This is *not* a ripoff of xkcd (though I read that regularly, and so should you) – this is seriously the best graphic I can come up with, and it does the job. Yesterday I looked at doing all kinds of stuff to my iPhone. I wanted to see if I could get Python and a full-fledged Django installation on my iPhone and create the first web 2.0 application created completely from the bathroom. Just kidding, but I wanted to do some pretty evil stuff. Turns out that, as of now, there isn’t a clean simple way to get a lot of stuff to work without hacking the iPhone in some way, or resorting to things that are completely ridiculous. I’m sorry, but there has to be an easier way to get SSH and a terminal on there. It’s just not that critical right now, and this thing was damned expensive.

I decided to wait it out and see what comes our way over the summer.

  • DesiLinguist

    I found it was really easy to do something very similar:

    (1) Jailbreak Iphone using iLibertyX (took 5 seconds and no preparation whatsoever other than backing up the iPhone)

    (2) Install BSD subsystem via Installer

    (3) Install OpenSSH via Installer

    (4) Install Python via Installer

    (5) Install Term-vt100 via Installer

    (6) Install Services via Installer (to turn SSH on and off as you need it)

    Of course, “hacking the iPhone in some way” (aka jailbreaking) is definitely required. Personally, I don’t think that you will ever see this sort of functionality supported officially so may be it’s time to bite the bullet.

  • Paul Boddie

    I think it’s absolutely absurd that people claim that the iPhone is a great development environment, and doubly absurd when they attach the word “open” to it: how can people justify spending money on such stuff and having to “jailbreak” the thing under threat of it being “bricked” by whatever update Apple wants to do to it whenever there’s a clear line of sight between the device and Apple’s Internet presence?

    I’ll concede that there aren’t too many open phones out there now, but that’s arguably all the more reason to pay attention to stuff like Openmoko and the Neo devices and to see past concerns about such things not being shiny enough (“What? No camera!”).

  • Martey

    I think the problem with OpenMoko and similar devices is not their lack of features, but their lack of stability. They initially claimed that the mass market version of their phone (which would include a fully stable software environment that your mother would be able to use) would be available for sale in October 2007. It is now coming this summer, but as far as I can tell, still cannot reliably be used as a phone.

  • Andryan

    I bought the 4GB iPhone 2 months after its launching for $700 and hardware-unlocked it. I made terrible scratches and dents on my iPhone’s back cover because I had no patience waiting for the software unlock to be found. 2 weeks after I did it, someone found a software unlock. Unlucky me.. 🙁

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