rrdpy – Thanks, Corey!

I have a somewhat unique situation to deal with in terms of monitoring. I need to put a graph a bunch of historical data mined from web server logs. I can get so far with loghetti, which is coming along and is great for certain things, but there’s a bridge missing between it and something like MRTG. I’m pretty sure that with a custom output plugin and Corey’s rrdpy, I can make it the rest of the way. In fact, I had been poring over the documentation for RRDTool and the various language bindings figuring out which way to go first just as this module was released.

I still may decide to graph the historical data using some generic ‘feed this your data in one big heap and this will chart it’ type of thing, but even that may be possible here, since rrdpy includes rrd_make.py, which may or may not (I haven’t looked yet) support the requisite arguments you need to pass to get historical data to work (I think you need to support a start time, for example).