Loghetti is now an open source project

I was getting feedback about loghetti, and it was all very useful, and it’s still coming in, and I can’t work full-time on it. At the same time, I’d love for some of the stuff I’ve read about to be implemented, because I certainly could make use of it myself.

So if anyone is interested, you can get loghetti, get more info about loghetti (it’s an apache log filter written in Python), or join the project here.

  • http://kentsjohnson.com Kent Johnson

    Please add me to the project – kent3737@gmail.com

  • http://kentsjohnson.com Kent Johnson

    How can I discuss changes with you? email? or set up a project mailing list (Google Groups makes it easy)?

  • http://protocolostomy.com m0j0

    I added a google group called loghetti-dev:

  • http://www.logfilter.org/ Jack @ The Tech Teapot

    LOL I wrote one of those as well…in c though not python. There are quite a few around 🙂