Python Magazine on IRC

It occurs to me that lots of people have no idea that Python Magazine has an IRC channel!

Since I know a lot of our authors, and even more of our readers, actually use IRC, we’ve created a channel called #pymag on (FreeNode in most clients). The goal of the channel is to be a place where readers, authors, and the PyMag editorial staff can all interact about the articles that appear in Python Magazine. It’s also a place to trade ideas for new articles, meet other people who read or are involved in the magazine, and talk shop.

Note that questions about your subscription or delivery of the print edition, or anything else not directly related to the content in the magazine should still be sent to info ~at~ pythonmagazine ~dot~ com.

Hope to see you there!

  • Eppo

    May I suggest someone setup the ‘topic’ for the #pymag channel, which (at least) includes the word ‘python’, so that in searches for python related channels it also shows up (currently it doesn’t)

  • m0j0

    Done – thanks!