Dear VirtueDesktops Guy

Note: if you’re a Leopard user wishing Apple’s Spaces was never invented, and you’d pay to have VirtueDesktops back, please leave a ‘me too’ post in the comments!

UPDATE: See this link to make Spaces not *completely* useless:

Please pick development back up for VirtueDesktops. Apple’s spaces not only falls short, it totally sucks. I would be willing to pay $20 for VirtueDesktops on Leopard right now, and I know a whole bunch of other people would, too. Everyone I know who used VirtueDesktops in Tiger and is now stuck with Spaces says they hate it. I have pretty much stopped using any kind of desktops at all because Spaces is just frickin’ unusable.

I’m not even requesting feature enhancements. If it crashes or spaces out, or locks up my machine, ok – I’d like that fixed, but feature-wise, VirtueDesktops is great as-is, and kicks Spaces’ buttocks. With spaces, I can’t label my desktops, and Spaces wants to flip back and forth between desktops every time I switch application focus because it doesn’t understand why I’d ever open firefox on two different desktops. So, whereas in VirtueDesktops I could be on a random, empty desktop, click the firefox icon, and get the top menu to change to firefox, doing the same thing in Spaces brings me to whatever desktop Firefox is open on. From there, I can launch a new firefox window, then go to the stupid desktop viewer and drag the new window from one space to another.

C’mon man, this is no way to be productive. Help us out.

I know, I know, I can start VirtueDesktops using sudo or chmod the binary, and probably come up with more hacks as Apple changes more stuff out from under me, but it’d be way nicer to have VirtueDesktops back in a state where it (for the most part) “Just Works(tm)”. Also, not everyone knows what ‘chmod’ is 🙂

If it’s not worth your time, then take away the donation thing and replace it with a charge-per-download thing for $20.

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  • Doug Hellmann

    I’m in for $20. Heck, I’d pay that for a preference to make Spaces stop switching every time I change apps.

  • Elzapp

    Me too.

  • Patrick Meidl

    I can’t believe Apple released such a useless virtual desktop implementation. please give me VirtueDesktops back!

  • Leopard Guy

    Seriously. I’ll give one of my limbs to have Virtue Desktops run on Leopard!

  • virtuedesktop#1Fan

    Me too. I’d pay up to $50.

  • klang

    Follow the instructions here:

    and VirtueDesktops will work on Leopard .. some functionality doesn’t work though, but try it .. VirtueDesktops should work on Leopard! There is absolutely no reason not to have a choice in which pager you whish to use. VirtueDesktops is lisenced under GPL, so it’s just a question of finding an able programmer to pick up the source ..

  • Chronicle79

    I’d pony up $20. Even Hyperspaces just can’t compare to Virtue.