Python Magazine’s Article Wish List

Welcome to the second occasional PyMag Article Wish List, where the editors of Python Magazine get together to come up with a list of topics that we’d like to see covered, but which currently have no coverage in our magazine. If you’re familiar with any of the topics listed below, or you’re doing something else that’s cool, you are invited to drop us a line with your idea!

This edition of the list has some similarities to the last edition of the list. This is good news and bad news. The good news is that we’re getting really creative article ideas that touch on the high-level topics we’ve identified. The bad news is that even projects that have large and highly active communities have failed to come forth with even a proposal for an article about how to do something interesting with their project. To date, for example, not a single Django proposal has been received. Same with Zope and Plone. Throw Moin in there for good measure. Our regular “Welcome to Python” columnist, Mark Mruss, just did a really great newbie’s intro to PyQT, but aside from that, silence. Same goes for wxPython.

OK – on with the list!

High Performance Computing (HPC)
* Parallel Python (pp) module
* SciPy
* Django
* TurboGears
* CherryPy
* Zope
* Writing a Zope product
* Plone
* Writing a plugin for trac
Web Services
o simplexmlrpcserver
o xmlrpclib
* Flickr (Beej’s API?)
* Amazon
* Yahoo
System Administration
o python-ldap
o Luma (extending?)
* User/Group management
GUI Frameworks
* wxPython
* PyQT
* PostgreSQL (writing stored procedures with Python)
* sqlite
* py2exe
* py2app
* setuptools vs. distutils
* Web testing
* unit testing
* code coverage analysis
* Manipulating [MS/Open]Office Documents
* Design Patterns with Python
* New api’s – opensocial, facebook, google charts, etc.

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  • Jesse

    Brian, I can look into the Webservices->Amazon one, how big an article are you looking for? If you want, you can drop me an email.

  • m0j0

    Ah – I’ll email you Jesse – but for anyone else who is curious, feature articles in Python Magazine are in the neighborhood of 4000 words, not including code and captions. If the article is really “complete” at 3500 words, we’re probably not gonna balk at that. Likewise, if it takes you 4200 words to get the idea across, we’re fine with that, too.

    Thanks, Jesse!

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