Holy Crap I’m Busy

I feel guilty that I’m even taking this little bit of time to post this. I’m *BUSY*. I’m simultaneously:

  • learning how to deploy a fully-virtualized, production infrastructure on a grid using AppLogic
  • planning and scripting the bits and pieces that need to happen to migrate an infrastructure to a grid architecture.
  • Doing code review for some PHP we have lying around
  • Writing/testing some ETL code for some MySQL databases, and looking into memcached.
  • Writing/testing Python code which will become a middle-tier application server some day.
  • Mucking with every single social, web 2.0, buzzword-worthy…. “thing” I can find.
  • Mucking with Perl code I wrote a long time ago to get it to do things I need to do *now*.
  • Maintaining the current infrastructure services (mostly externally-facing LAMP stuff).
  • Looking for more interesting ways our product can be used, interesting data we can offer users about how users interact with their content, prototyping, testing, banging head on desk.

When I’m not doing that, I’m working on Python Magazine, and I still have a couple of consulting clients who occasionally need me to do bits of things here and there. Throw the holiday season into the mix, and it makes for a really outrageously busy couple of months.

So, forgive me if I’ve neglected this blog just a tad. I’ll try to keep up. Now that I’ve got the code syntax highlighting working, I’ll try to post s’more code bits as I learn/find/discover them.