Looking for the Twitter Kool-aid

So, *another* person asked if I’m “on twitter”, so I went and got on there. Whatever. As far as I can see, it’s a useless distraction, but people seem to be obsessed with it. I’m convinced that these people don’t have any real work to do.

Once you sign up, the only thing you can really do is send email to your friends to recruit them. How egomaniacal do you have to be to send email to all of your friends saying “hey, come and see what I’m doing at any moment in the day – because I *know* you’re interested in that”…..?

Maybe there’s some hidden useful purpose that I haven’t found yet. I’ve at least set up the IM gateway so I never have to go to the web page. More on this as I dig.  In the meantime, if you’re doing something with twitter that’s actually useful, please let us all in on it!

  • jpreyer

    I don’t get it either. Besides, who really gives a crap what I’m doing anyway? Maybe I’m not cool enough for it?

  • http://gnuisance.net/ David A. Harding

    From the description, I think Twitter would be useful to tell your friends where you are when you want company. Now, I’ve seen you use IRC for this purpose, but I suppose Twitter could help you tell more people.

    I’m considering signing up for Twitter so I can say things like, (at noon) “I’m going out for dinner tonight at the ABC Diner; does anyone want to join me? IM me.” or, “Tomorrow I’m going to see Harry Potter at the XYZ Cinema. Interested? Email me.” If my friends actually read the announcements and respond, I’d find that useful.

    Alternately, I’m considering not signing up for Twitter so I don’t get distracted by the crap.


  • http://m0j0.wordpress.com/ m0j0

    A men on the ‘distracted by crap’ comment. Turns out I always have a jabber client open and logged into gtalk, so it’s just a matter of leaving a tab open for twitter. I’m still not sure it’s particularly useful – at least not for social networking in its current form. I *have* considered writing some glue code that’ll send svn commit messages to twitter though 🙂

  • http://khdevin.wordpress.com/ Kevin

    I actually enjoyed the conversational aspect to the service, but what killed me was all the self-promotion. TwitterFeed was the final straw — folks setting up TwitterFeed to automatically SPAM their twitter contacts with each and everything they did on their blog. It drove me so made that I completely deleted both my Jaiku and Twitter accounts. The self-promotion crap just drives me batty.