Thumbs up for Synergy

I have heard a couple of people mention this tool on IRC and mailing lists, but I didn’t ever make time to try it myself for some reason. That is, until my buddy and coworker Steve gave me a quick demo of its functionality, and told me that it was brainless to install and get running. Once I saw what it could do, I ran back to my office and had it running, securely, over an SSH tunnel, in about no time!

Synergy lets me sit my laptop on my desk next to my workstation, and use one keyboard and mouse with both of them. So, if I’m researching some Linux issue and I happen to find the answer, but I’m on my Mac laptop, no problem! I can copy a command line example on the mac, drag my mouse over to my linux workstation, paste the command line, and be on my way! Yes, it’s cross-platform. It even works on Windows. The only issue I’ve had (which Steve *didn’t* have) is screen locking. It worked on Steve’s setup but not mine. I haven’t done any troubleshooting on this because there are plenty of pretty obvious workarounds.

Give this a shot if you haven’t already. Very cool!

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