GCalSync Working on my BlackBerry 7290

Well, I had to cobble the steps together from various places on the internet, and do a little twiddling on my own, but here’s how I got GCalSync 1.1.1 working on my BlackBerry 7290:

  1. I had to upgrade the software. The gcalsync site says 4.0 or later should work, but my old 4.0.something version didn’t work. I just upgraded to, and (after doing all the *other* stuff), I got it working.
  2. I had to go into “Options -> Security Options -> TLS” and change “TLS Default” to “Handheld” (from “Proxy”).
  3. I had to go into “Options -> Advanced Options -> TCP” and fill in the APN information. I had no idea what this was about or how to set this up, or what APN I was supposed to be, but I found the settings I needed (it depends on your carrier) here. If you get java.io.IOException errors saying it can’t create or open a tunnel, I believe setting this alleviates that particular issue.
  4. I had to reset the blackberry (ie, shut it off, and remove/replace the battery).

All this, and what I’ve found out is something I should’ve suspected: it only syncs with a single calendar. At least as far as I can tell. There’s no documentation, so I’m not really sure, but I’m pretty certain that’s it. Even so, it’s still a good fit for now until I can find something that’s a more complete/integrated offering. At least if I know that if I had to I could add an event to my Google Calendar, *or* email myself a task to my Remember The Milk task list, which itself is visible from my Google Calendar.

By the way, this is all part of my bigger plan to replace my old Franklin planner and go all digital. Details on that are here.

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