Finally! A Social Bookmark Link Generator for Users

If you want to allow readers of your blog to post your entries to stumbleupon,, or whatever, there isn’t a sidebar widget or anything provided for you to do that. I consider this a shortcoming of the service, but whatever. I finally found a bookmarklet that will provide some cut-n-paste code to put at the end of your posts that works wonderfully (in fact, it provides the links at the bottom of the posts on this site). It works great, and you can get it here.

Once you’ve got the bookmarklet sitting in your Firefox or Flock toolbar (‘cos I *KNOW* you’re not *STILL* using IE, right?), the order of operations (well, the way I’m doing it) is:

  1. Write your post
  2. Create a custom “Post Slug”, which becomes part of the link to your post. I’d like to not have to do this, but don’t know a workaround for the moment.
  3. Click the “Code” tab on the post editor
  4. Click the bookmarklet, enter the post slug you created, and click “ok”
  5. Cut-n-paste the resulting code at the end of your post

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  • tropican8

    Here’s another one. You have to do it manually, but I like the formatting better:

  • m0j0

    Thanks for the tip. I have yet to find one that I like the formatting on… well, one that I can use. I really like the “gregarious” plugin for WordPress, but it’s only available if you’re self-hosted. Everything else falls short of that solution, imho. If I’m not going to like the formatting, it might as well at least be as automatic as it can be 🙂

    Maybe others who happen across the link will find it useful.
    Also, I just saw a thing called “AddThis” that I’m about to check out, so you may want to look at that too.