New Word: Blogume

I had this really neat idea today, but I don’t have time to develop it, so someone needs to go make a million bucks with it and send me like $25,000 for the idea fee. The idea is simple:

Create a centralized website that basically hosts or aggregates blogs that are geared toward potential or prospective future employers. So, for example, I’m a geek. I might some day be willing to be tempted to take another job somewhere. If I decided I was going to be officially “looking”, it’d be great if I could have the contents of this blog just show up in this aggregation site where employers could go and search by tags like “Perl” “Linux” “Sysadmin” or whatever, and get not just a resume, but a *BLOGUME*. A way to get to know the potential future employee by looking at accounts of day-to-day goings on in their working life instead of just playing buzzword bingo with the HR department.

Further, it could serve job seekers as well by aggregating bloggers from different companies who can use their blogs to post about jobs and all the cool things about working where they work. They don’t really even have to mention the company name if they can’t or don’t want to.

I think this would be a fantastic idea. Someone send me a link when it exists!

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  • harda

    I think you could do this *right now*. Start a custom google search engine that allows collaboration and volunterism[1] and encourage people in want of a job to add their blog URLs. The only problem: Google makes the million dollars.



  • harda

    I shoulda mentioned, uses a Google custom search engine. Look on the right-hand sidebar and search for something you know is on your blog.