Um… Nevermind

Ok, so I’m publicly uncommitting myself from the project I committed myself to yesterday. Turns out, Mark Burgess has already done this with a tool called DeliciousSQL Importer.

Sure, the data model doesn’t stand up to my rigorous normalization standards, but with this, I can get at my data, and do whatever I want with it. I’m not sure what it’s written in or if I can get at the source code or what – I just downloaded it minutes ago and made sure it launched on my macbook pro. It does. The rest I have lots of time to figure out, since I now don’t have to spend that time figuring out which way is the right way to transform XML to SQL. 🙂

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  • Mike

    It’s even easier now… Delicious Library 2 runs on SQLite 😉

    computername:Delicious Library 2 xxxx$ pwd
    /Users/xxxx/Library/Application Support/Delicious Library 2
    computername:Delicious Library 2 xxxx$ file Delicious\ Library\ Items.deliciouslibrary2
    Delicious Library Items.deliciouslibrary2: SQLite database (Version 3)