I hate school buses

I know I’m probably a horrible person for hating school buses, but I do. I can’t help it. I hated them when I had to ride them to school, and now that I drive to work, I really can’t stand them. I realize there’s probably not another solution to the transportation issue. I’m just sayin’.

They cause a *lot* of traffic. Seriously. Yesterday, I left my house at 7:15 and got in at 7:45 because I got caught behind 4 buses. Today I left at 7:10 and got in at 7:28 because I got caught behind *no* buses. 18 minutes vs. 30 minutes is a significant difference. For reference, when I come in at 4am for downtime at work, it takes me something like 13 minutes.

What really bothers me is that bus drivers mostly have chips on their shoulders and use the flashing lights to exert their power over 9-to-5ers. They make arbitrarily long stops, they wag their fingers at drivers, they stop to talk to crossing guards while we wait, blah blah blah. They did this when I rode the bus too. Bus drivers mostly seem to hate the world… the kids included.

Well, at least I can long for summertime, along with the kids on the bus. If nothing else, we can bond on that, even across generational lines. Summertime is wonderful. No buses at all, no matter what time I leave for work.