Things to give your Sysadmin for Valentine’s Day

Ok, well, they don’t actually *make* any of these things, to my knowledge, but I was thinking about it today, and thought of this list of stuff that might be cool little thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts for the geek in your life:

  1. A heart-shaped USB key that says “All my love are belong to you” on it.
  2. Super-caffeinated chocolate in a tin that can be recycled into, er, something like this.
  3. An unbreakable coffee mug that will tell you the current time and date, as well as the 5-day weather outlook, and contains a Vim command reference, and an IP subnetting reference (they could sell these with the v4 reference now and implement planned obsolescence).
  4. A *real* Blackberry SSH client.
  5. A t-shirt with the blu-ray *or* HDDVD decoding algorithm on it.

These were just the ones I came up with on short notice. What ideas do you have?

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