Smoke Free, Day 24

Right. So. I don’t smoke. It’s a little depressing at times, but that never lasts long. Right now I’m going through my insomnia stage, which I believe will be followed by flu-like symptoms. I’m already coughing up…. stuff.

My guess is I have about another month or so where my body decides to do things that are both unpredictable and generally unpleasant, and then I’m more or less in the clear. 🙂

  • Art_in_MD

    LOL. NOW that I’ve commented at your day 5 posting, my browser shows this. First, Congratulations! Second, you sound likve you’ve been here before – and you know the challenges. It also sounds like you will have the willpower to make it through another month, then a quarter, and then its on to a year.


    I also enjoy your woodworking tales, btw.