LinuxLaboratory Overhaul and Relaunch Complete

So it’s all done. now runs on Drupal, it runs on a new hosting service, and so far I’m very happy with both. 

The hosting service is a little more modern than my old one, is slightly faster, gives me access to far more resources than I’m likely to ever use, and costs about 70% less. 

Drupal is a CMS. It’s not a wiki, it’s not a blog, it’s there mainly to manage “content”. It doesn’t have a wysiwyg editor, but that’s no big deal, and I wound up having to add two modules, which I really didn’t want to have to do, but it handles things pretty nicely, and it was pretty much a breeze to get going. Moving over content was no problem – just a little time consuming to fix the formatting. Getting a download section in place was a little more of a headache, but once I got the hang of it it was nicer than anything else I’ve used. 

In the end, I think Drupal’s ease-of-use (at least, the way I’m using it is easy) will be a catalyst to doing more with the site. 99% of the content is handled using the Drupal “book” module, so I don’t have to mess with “taxonomies”, for example. I don’t even know what that really is in the context of Drupal, and I’m happy to stay stupid in that regard. 

Anyway, it’s up and running, so go have a look and let me know what you think about it.