My LUG/IP Presentation: The Road to Geek Authorship

A few months ago, Tom Limoncelli (noted author and, now, a member of the Google team) spoke at our LUG about topics from his newest book, “Time Management for System Administrators”. It was a great talk, and it’s a pretty darn good book as well. 

Anyway, the point here is that, after the talk, there were, of course, a good number of comments, but some of us noticed that a lot of the *questions* were along the lines of “how did you get to the point where you’re writing books and stuff?”

Well, I’m a LUG regular, and I’ve written a book, and write elsewhere besides, so one of the board members suggested I give a presentation to address those questions. 

There was a pretty good crowd, and I more or less know the crowd from going to meetings, so I know when they’re completely disinterested, and I don’t think they were. Well, partly maybe, but not *completely*. I think the talk went relatively well. :-)