Freakin’ HOT

I keep telling my wife that if a whole bunch of tech companies decided to set up shop in, say, Baton Rouge, I’d go in a heartbeat (NOTE: I spent a few years in BR, and it left an indelible impression on my being, but that’s another whole collection of posts). Generally, she replies with eye-rolling and a comment about how incredibly hot it supposedly is there. 

Well, folks, here’s the thing: I’m in NJ right now, and it’s hotter than the hinges of hades here. Oh, it’s only 88 degrees, but it’s something like 4 or 5 HUNDRED percent humidity. It gets like this a good bit in NJ, and when it gets like this, it’s really no different from being in Louisiana. 

To provide an example, today in zip code 08540 (NJ), it’s 88 degrees and 90% humidity according to In zip code 70817 (Louisiana), it’s 89 degrees and 94% humidity. It’s a wash, really. Today, there’s probably not a noticeable difference between the two places.