House Painting, and Mother’s Day

So the goal was this: get my house painted in time for my mom’s visit for Mother’s Day weekend. I scheduled the painting so that they would start a little over a week before Mom’s arrival, because it was supposed to be a 3-day job, and I wanted to allow for bad weather and stuff.

The painting crew, unfortunately, decided it was no problem to take 5 days to do the job, which would’ve been fine except that the forecasts were calling for rain for the 4 days leading up to Mom’s arrival. They were never going to make it.

I called the owner of the painting company, and he came out on the morning of the third day of work. Just looking at my house, I think, was enough for him to understand. I don’t think I probably had to say much, but I did make sure to point out all of the problems I had not only with the workmanship (they weren’t doing a particularly good job), but also the work ethic of the crew. They were leaving around 3pm every day, taking long lunches, and the crew lead did more talking on the phone than painting. We were on the 3rd day of an alleged 3-day job, and they hadn’t even begun to apply the finish coat!

In short, the house got done, and they finished cleaning up about 2 hours before my mom’s plane landed, so it worked out. The color isn’t exactly what we wanted, but it works, so we’re happy.