The big smoke-out day 4

Today is my fourth day without smoking. It’s not too bad, really. I had a busy weekend to keep my mind occupied, and work is busy, too. I’m definitely running on a slightly shorter fuse than usual, but I really don’t feel actual cravings to smoke.

A couple of people have asked, so I’ll put here that I didn’t use any drugs or patches or anything. What I did was I picked a date well into the future and committed to two things: I would quit smoking on that day, and I would give myself until that day to quit. I used the time to slowly wean off smoking. By the end I was smoking less than a half pack per day, and it was seeming like a lot to me.

Once the date came, I just kept telling myself I was a non-smoker, got rid of any signs of smoking, and stocked up on gum, and it’s been pretty ok. My body is doing some weird stuff, and my sleep schedule is a bit screwy, but I think everything will eventually be fine.