Hello all, and news from yesterday

Just wanted to welcome my friends and family who are visiting this blog at its new location. I get my blog through a service, so I don’t have to write code to have a blog, which is nice. I discovered that they’ll let me publish it by ftp’ing to my main website (linuxlaboratory.org), so I just did that, and now everything is in one place – but enough geek stuff.

Last night, I had no heat!!!! It was about 30 degrees out. This is, as we like to say, “no bueno”.

I couldn’t relight the pilot light, so the utility folks had to come by and replace the thermocoupler, which decided that natural gas had no business flowing to where the pilot gets lit. I appreciated its concern, but decided the benefits I got from heat outweighed that, so it got replaced.

In other news, this morning, I quit smoking. Haven’t had a smoke yet today. Wish me luck. I’ll keep you posted on that stuff.