Flock looks sweeeeeeet

Instead of firing up firefox, going to blogger.com, logging in, choosing “create new post” and all that stuff, I thought I give this new thing a try that I’ve been hearing about. It’s called “Flock”, and it really just makes a whole crapload of sense if you live half your life in the digital realm. If you have a blog, an online photo-sharing account (like Flickr), a del.icio.us account to share (and tag!) bookmarks online, and you mess with news feed aggregators and the like, you really *should* be using Flock, or some other flock-like thing.

Check out some of the stuff you can do with Flock here

It’s really cool. Instead of bookmarking a site at work and then not being able to get to the bookmark at home, Flock just consults your del.icio.us account and uses that as your bookmark collection. If you’re not familiar with del.icio.us, you should really go there and check out the goodness that awaits you.

On the blogging front, Flock supports posting to a few different blogs, Blogger being one of them, so I’m editing this post in Flock’s built-in editor. I can tag and categorize the post as well, which I have never done before, but maybe I’ll try it now!

Well, that’s about it. Keep in mind that Flock is a beta piece of software right now, but I’ve only found some little “rough around the edges” bugs, not machine-locking, app-crashing type stuff. Enjoy!

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