Degree Status

I went to speak to my advisor at the community college where I’m pursuing an associates degree in computer science. Some good news came out of this meeting:

1. Two humanities classes transferred from the classes I took in, like, 1992. Together with the two that I’ve taken recently (this past summer), the entire humanities portion of my degree requirements is done.

2. In addition, the Eng. Comp I class also transfered, which leaves just Eng Comp II. Turns out, though, that if I pass the CLEP exam for English with the essay portion, english is also completely out of the way.

3. I was able to get approval to skip pre-calculus and head straight to Calc I. This is a little scary, but my College Algebra professor is extremely confident that I’ll do fine there. I’m taking the chance because I don’t get *any* math credit toward my degree until I hit Calc I. I have to eventually take Calc I, II, and III, in addition to Discrete Math.

4. I skipped Comp Sci 101 last spring, and I have to make up the credit somehow because it’s a degree requirement, but I’m allowed to sub in another “technical course”. I just have to clear the course with my advisor first.

The bad news is that, with all the cheesy stuff out of the way, all I have left really are really hard classes. I’m part time, so I can really only take 2 classes per semester, and here’s the list of what’s left:

University Physics I
University Physics II
Calc I
Calc II
Calc III
Discrete Math
Computer Arch. w/ Assembly Programming
Object Oriented Programming
Data Structures

What a bear. Plus I still have the COS 101 class to make up for somewhere. I’m taking Calc I and Object Oriented Programming in the upcoming spring semester. I could potentially take Calc II in the summer, but we’ll see how it goes. I don’t wanna rush through Calc of all things. Now I’m really anxious to see the catalog for the summer and fall ’06 semesters!