Coder’s Eyeball

I think I have coder’s eyeball. OK, so I just coined that term myself, but after weeks of trying to write a rather involved extension in a very large, very convoluted, object-oriented PHP system, I think my eyes are suffering and need a break.

For anyone who works with OO PHP projects, I don’t personally recommend trying to tackle the new assignment module in Moodle 1.5.2. It’s brand new, and completely, utterly, unapologetically undocumented. I’ve also asked several questions in the Moodle forums about specifics regarding the assignment module code, to no avail. Never have I seen a less helpful development community. The user community is great. The development community is nowhere to be found.

I started to get a bit suspicious about that when I noticed that Moodle has created a burgeoning commercial support and development service around the product. They’re even hiring in-house developers to support external Moodle users and developers, for a fee. Guess it doesn’t exactly pay the bills to do things like help people for free in the forums, then, does it?