Congratulations, Yahoo – I’m sorry for your loss

Well, Yahoo just lost me as a loyal user. From now on, my home page is going to be the Google personalized home page (did you know you can create a homepage at google? It’s cool).

For about 6 years now, I’ve had a My Yahoo! page. A couple of years ago, they got a little out of hand with their advertising, which prompted my research into ad-blocking software for firefox on Linux. Turns out, lots of geeks hate ads, and there’s a ton of ad-blocking software. I now run firefox’s native popup blocker, a rather generic ad blocker extension, and a really cool extension that replaces anything made with Flash with a button that you can click if you really want to see the flash content. This is great if you go to a site to see a flash movie or cartoon, but don’t want to see flash ads. You’re in control, and it’s not all or nothing.

For a very long time, this setup worked flawlessly. However, today I’ve come across an ad on Yahoo so intrusive I just can’t be bothered anymore. The ad was one of those things that floats over the text on the page. The problem is, you can’t ever close it. Even after it runs its course, it just stays there, so I can never read the headlines on the page. And, of course, the ad’s content was completely irrelevant to my life.

So off I go now to finish setting up my google homepage. I’ve already changed firefox to use it as my default home page instead of yahoo.

I no longer, uhhh, Yahoo.