Random Stuff, and testing trackback

I’m a blog dope. I don’t have a great understanding of what trackback is all about. However, my buddy Steve wrote a sentiment regarding the recent Tannenbaum talk here that we often look at eachother and repeat, so I thought I’d track back to it here. We’ll see what happens.

2 mins later: UPDATE – blogger doesn’t support trackback 🙁 How can you create a social network without this particular feature? Seems kinda lame to me. Maybe I need to check out haloscan or something.

  • angry architect

    what the hell is trackback? for us new at blogging

  • Brian

    I’m not even really sure, to tell the truth. I started a blog because it seemed like an interesting social networking thing. Turns out that most of that networking more or less depends on a trackback feature which links blogs to eachother, but blogger.com doesn’t support it.