An old buddy goes to Nashville

During the time I spent in Baton Rouge, I worked in an electronics lab during the day, and then played guitar by night. I had been recruited to play in (of all things) a country band, but I decided that it would be an interesting challenge, and (being from NJ), a novel way to be enculturated into the ways of the south.

The country band was called “Josh Brister and Big Country”. Josh was the singer, and I was his right-hand man. We had great fun, traveling around to different towns playing shows and making friends all over the place. The people made it all worth it, and it turned out we played mostly pretty heavy, driving country – not “tear in my beer” stuff, so I got to really jam!

Well, Josh appears to have finally made it to Nashville, and it seems he’s working with some pretty big names. It’s still anyone’s guess as to whether or not anything will come of his relocation (record companies and management companies can put an abrupt end to what should’ve by all rights been a stellar rise to the top, as we’ve both seen), but I sure do wish him all the luck in the world.

If you’re into country, you can check his site out here.