The Family in Louisiana is OK

Well, looks like my brother and stepdad are doing ok. Things are really hectic down there. They live in Baton Rouge, about an hour from New Orleans. I lived in Baton Rouge as well for a few years. I loved it there.

The population of Baton Rouge tripled overnight, making it difficult to get much done. You can’t just run to the store to buy anything, because a lot of it is just gone. The people who lived in Baton Rouge seemed to be all gone as well, off finding relatives who were displaced by the storm (or worse, not displaced). So my stepdad (Ted) was reporting a skeleton crew at work.

My brother, Russ, got a phone call the Saturday before the storm and was told not to plan on coming to school on Monday or Tuesday (he’s a junior in HS). He still hadn’t been back as of early this week, iirc.

They had intermittent power outages there, some flooding, and phones were out for some time, but things seem to be pretty much back to normal now.