My Pool Game is Rotting

I can smell my pool game from here. It’s clearly been tucked into some deep, dark crevice, like between the refrigerator and the cabinets, or under the couch or something.

Actually, it’s just been shelfed for awhile until this book gets out the door. I shot one rack to give my eyes a rest from typing, and man does my game suck right now. I shot 9-ball last night, which is not my favorite game, but I could only run 4 balls at a time. One night last week I felt particularly brave and shot straight pool, figuring I wouldn’t run more than 20-25 balls anyway. Boy was that optimistic! I sank 4, then 2, then 9, and I left it at that. Three tries to clear 15 balls is very, very “no bueno”(tm).

Well, that’s all for now. Back to writing.