Just got back from RI

Natasha and I were in Rhode Island for a few days. Good times. We went to Block Island, which is a really nice place. There’s a small town center with shops and stuff, and then a whole island’s worth of hiking, biking and all that sorta stuff. They rent mopeds by the beach to ride all over the place and stuff. The next day we went to Mystic Aquarium across the border in CT, and we saw them feed the African penguins there. That was cool.

Then we came home. Mojo had been given too many treats and too much people food, so he’s still on bedrest, but aside from that we’re all fine. I had to get back to writing right away to stay ahead of deadlines for the book. I have a final exam tonight that finishes up my Cultural Anthropology class, and then I’m off for the longest break from school I’ve had since I started up in January. A whole 3 weeks! Then I start the dreaded Calculus.