My pool game still sucks

Well, I’m getting a lot of what I lost over the years back, but I still basically suck. I’m back to the point where, in 9-ball, if I can put start the cueball wherever I want after the break, just for the first shot, I can usually either clear the rack, or come damned close. In straight pool, I ran 19 balls last night, and then missed a perfectly lined up break shot.

Between work and school I really can’t devote much quality time to pool right now. I am really surprisingly ok with this. I thought I’d be more obsessive about it. Maybe once I actually hang up the lights over it I’ll be worse 😉

So that’s really it for this post. I just wanted to chronicle my progress with regard to my pool game. There was a time where I was fairly decent. I could clear three racks in straight pool (mainly by not missing my break shots!) and I played defense well enough to get by in 9-ball (I’ve never been a big 9-ball fan). I’d like to get back to that point where my game is at least respectable.

In the meantime, if anyone knows of a straight pool league anywhere on the NJ Rte 1 Corridor, lemme know!