"Cheesiest" pre-talk gathering ever

In the department I work in, we try really hard to come up with enough events every week to keep everybody fed. Certainly, we can’t all go to every event, because nothing would ever get done. But we can all meet for 10-15 minutes in the common area to grab some cider and donuts, cookies, coffee, and all manner of dilectible goodness. Today, this all went to hell in a handbasket.

Today, we all went upstairs, armed with our coffee mugs and an appetite we’d been fostering since lunchtime, only to find that the “goodies” for the day would be some odd-looking, two-tone cheese, and some crackers. There were some nuts and a sort of weird trail mix, too, but I didn’t have anything to eat oats out of, so I tried to find some acceptable crackers. It’s just not right when your tongue is thinking raspberry cheesecake and it gets poppyseed ricecake. There’s no recovering from that.

The rest of the crowd came in later, and were visibly upset at the spread that, if it were a movie, would be called “stuff made from flour”. A few quipped about the inevitable shock to our systems this would cause after two straight weeks of having donuts and “stuff made from chocolate” at every pre-event gathering. I guess we need a break every now and then, but I submit that these culinary ventures into worlds unknown to most of the population be advertised as such ahead of time, such that we might mentally prepare ourselves to be greeted by nuts and crackers.