Blogger Works With Linux

First, let me point you to the lovely array of links to the right. I’ve linked to almost all of the articles I’ve written for I say almost because I can’t even find them all myself. They’re working out some kinks in the search functionality. Anyway…

The other thing I wanted to point out is that, using Mozilla Firefox under Linux, all of the features of Blogger (well, the ones I’ve used) appear to work. For anyone wondering, this doesn’t mean it’ll work under Mozilla, or other Mozilla-based browsers. I crashed Mozilla just minutes ago trying to load the wysiwyg editor, but it works well in Firefox.

So if you’re running Linux, you want a blog, and you think you can get used to Firefox, Blogger is one good option to consider if you don’t want the overhead of maintaining your own blogger code.

For what it’s worth, Firefox is actually a really nice browser, IMHO.